If Cell on Sheet 1 & 2 match, copy cell on Sheet 2 to a new cell on Sheet 1

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Sheet 1 has a list of company payments. Sheet 2 has a list of companies and their main contacts.


I am looking for a formula for the following statement:

If the company name in column A on sheet 1 matches a company name in column A on sheet two, then the email (column D) for that company's contact on sheet 2 will be copied to column I on sheet.   


Example Workbook:!AoT8FtinyGcngR3nil0Ni8uSR5CE?e=o3bVSp 

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You can try INDEX and MATCH.


Sheet1: sheet1.JPG




If you have Microsoft 365 or Office 2021, enter the following formula in I3:




This will automatically spill to the rows below.

If you have an older version, use




and fill down to I10.