if cell is black spawn a bar below with the color left of the black cell

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i have an excel document with 11 columns on the left side each containing a different color.

right next to that is a black bar with a specific cell-length(amount?) based on date A to B which is specified somewhere else.


here's where i fail.

if say the black bar has a length of 10 cells, i need a colored bar on the bottom of the page with the exact same length of the black bar that is supposed to have the color that is left of the black bar.


is that possible in excel? i have tried many of those scripts you can find all around the internet. i tried to combine them, write my own but i can't for the life of me figure out how to do this.


if anyone perhaps already has a solution that would be applicable here i'd be grateful if you could share that with me. can't offer much more than a thank you though so i'm not expecting all too much.


hope that's not too much to ask for. plase just ignore me if it is.


thanks alot in advance



EDIT: i should probably mention that there is multiple black bars with different lengths and i need the total length per color. then again.. i could probably figure that out myself somehow


i know.. this entire thing sounds weird. it is, frankly

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