If and TODAY function.

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I am trying to pull data from an inventory tab to a new tab on my spreadsheet. We currently use a working sheet for inventory where the manager counts inventory everyday and then that sheet is saved with the date and the working sheet is reset back to zero. I want to pull data from this sheet each day and aggregate it in a different tab on the same sheet. I'm currently using the following formula: =if(A2=today(),sum(Inventory!$M$8:$M$13,0))

This returns the numbers I want but, I'm assuming that once today is over then that cell with become blank since the date has changed. Is there any function to make this value permanent once the date has expired? I'm sure there is an easier way to go about this. Thanks in advance for any help!

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instead of TODAY() reference a different cell like $A$1 and then either type the day in cell A1 or use CTRL-; to automatically insert today's date.