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Hello! I am hoping someone can help me write a complicated formula.


I have the following columns:

F: Payment Date 

Grant Committed Date 

O: Payment Type 

J: Payment Amount


I am trying to write a formula that will look at these columns and do the following:


Payment Date is in 2021

Grant Committed Date is prior to 2021

Payment Type is "Conditional" or "Conditions Satisfied"


Display Payment Amount



Conditions above are not met, leave cell blank


This is what I have right now but I'm doing something wrong:

=IF(AND(F2>=DATEVALUE("1/1/2021"),F2<=DATEVALUE("12/31/2021"),(OR,O2,"Conditional","Conditions Satsified"),AND(D2<datevalue("1/1/2021"))),J2,"")

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=IF(AND(YEAR(F2)=2021,YEAR(D2)<2021,OR(O2="Conditional",O2="Conditions Satisfied")),J2,"")

You can try this formula which seems to work in my sheet.

if and or formula.JPG 

@Quadruple_Pawn thank you SO much for your reply! This formula worked perfectly and you taught me about the YEAR function which is much neater than what I had been using. I improved my entire spreadsheet thanks to this. This may have seemed obvious to you but it seems like magic to me and I really appreciate you taking the time to respond and help me. 


You are welcome. Glad i was able to help.

@Quadruple_Pawn hello! I'm still toiling away on this spreadsheet, trying to get all my formulas set up for future years. The column I'm working on now has the following conditions:


Column Grant Committed Date

Column F: Grant Payment Date

Column J: Payment Amount

Column O: Payment Type



Grant Committed Date prior to 2021

Payment type NOT "conditional"

Payment type NOT "conditions satisfied" IF payment date is after 2020 OR payment date is blank


Insert Payment Amount



Insert blank 


This is what I have now:

=IF(AND(YEAR(D6)<2021,O6<>"Conditional",(OR(O6="Conditions Satisfied",AND(OR(YEAR(F6)>2020,F6=""))))),J6,"")


It is excluding the conditional payments correctly but not the ones marked conditions satisfied that were paid after 2020. 


Again, I'm sure this is something obvious I'm doing wrong, but I would appreciate your guidance! Thank you!


=IF(AND(YEAR(D6)<2021,O6="Conditions Satisfied",YEAR(F6)>2020),"",IF(AND(YEAR(D6)<2021,O6<>"Conditional",(OR(O6="Conditions Satisfied",AND(OR(YEAR(F6)>2020,F6=""))))),J6,""))

Does this formula return your expected result? Unfortunately i'm not sure if i correctly understand what you want to do. As your formula excludes the conditional payments correctly i only added an additional IF statement for conditions satisfied that were paid after 2020.

grant payment date.JPG