IF/AND Formula Not Working

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I am trying to formulate a column that will return a DAYS formula result if multiple conditions are met, or a blank cell if they are not. Whatever I do, though, is returning a blank value. 


The formula that I am using in Column K is

=IF(AND([@[Puchasing Agent]]="<>",[@GL]="0"),DAYS(TODAY(),[@[P.O. Release]]),"") 


I should receive a numerical value if true, or a blank return if false. All I am getting is false values though. What am I doing wrong? Does it matter that the @GL column is a formula rather than a number? If so, I haven't had this issue when using similar calculations. 


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[GL] column contains numbers, not texts. Perhaps you mean "<>",[@GL]=0 (not "<>",[@GL]="0")

Thank you for replying. I just tried changing it per your suggestion, but it did not affect the return value.
My intent here is this: If there is data in the Purchasing Agent field (meaning that it has been assigned to said agent) AND there is not a GL entry yet (currently being calculated using a COUNTIF formula which references another worksheet in this same workbook), then I need to be able to see the number of days that have passed since the Agent has released the job (days from P.O. Release field). Is there perhaps an easier way to do this?
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I miss nonblank checking. It'll be

=IF(AND([@[Puchasing Agent]] <>"",[@GL]=0),TODAY()-[@[P.O. Release]],"")


That worked perfectly. Thank you so much for your help! 

@Edg38426 , you are welcome, glad to help