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My formula is not working... IF both C6 & C7 are TRUE (meaning B6 & B7 contain text "y") then I want the formula to pull in the number from cell H7 in the Water Rate Sheet. How can I fix the formula to work properly? Thanks for the help!


=IF($C$6=TRUE,C11*'Water Rate Sheet'!F7,IF($C$7=TRUE,C11*'Water Rate Sheet'!G7,IF(AND(C6=TRUE,C7=TRUE),C11*'Water Rate Sheet'!H7,C11*'Water Rate Sheet'!E7)))


The other version I've tried is:

=IF($C$6=TRUE,C11*'Water Rate Sheet'!F7,IF($C$7=TRUE,C11*'Water Rate Sheet'!G7,IF(AND(B6="y",B7="y"),C11*'Water Rate Sheet'!H7,C11*'Water Rate Sheet'!E7)))






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In your screenshot, C6 and C7 are empty.

Apart from that, you should test for both B6 and B7 being "y" before the individual tests.



=C11*IF($B$6="y", IF($B$7="y", 'Water Rate Sheet'!H7, 'Water Rate Sheet'!F7), IF($B$7="y", 'Water Rate Sheet'!G7, 'Water Rate Sheet'!E7))

@Hans Vogelaar 


Thank you for the suggestion!


Yes, they work individually but not when I combine them in the formula, so my syntax must be wrong and it's just not obvious to me what is the error:

=IF($B$6="y",C11*'Water Rate Sheet'!F7,
IF($B$7="y",C11*'Water Rate Sheet'!G7,
IF($B$6="y",IF($B$7="y",C11*'Water Rate Sheet'!H7,
C11*'Water Rate Sheet'!E7))))



The problem with your formula is that if B6 equals "y", the first condition is true, so the formula returns C11*'Water Rate Sheet'!F7 and ignores the rest, so the part IF($B$6="y",IF($B$7="y" is not evaluated.

The formula that I posted takes care of that. (Please note that it is a single formula)

@Hans Vogelaar

Brilliant!! It works just like you said. I was definitely over complicating things.
100 Thank You's!