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I have a spreadsheet that contains multiple columns of text data. I am trying to write an IF AND statement that looks for two conditions (from two columns of data) to be true and return the value of a third column into the cell. When I write the function using the fx feature, the value I expect shows as the true condition but the result returns FALSE.



IF(AND('Template 2.0'!B:B='RCM Heat Map'!A3,'Template 2.0'!A:A='RCM Heat Map'!B2),'Template 2.0'!Q3)



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=INDEX('Template 2.0'!$Q$1:$Q$1000, MATCH(1, ('Template 2.0!$B$1:$B$1000='RCM Heat Map'!A3)*('Template 2.0'!$A$1:$A$1000='RCM Heat Map'!B2), 0))


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