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I'm hung up here... 


What I'm wanting to do is—

Context of the issue— Writing default subcontracts for all construction disciplines to be uploaded on the server and used by multiple users, some of which are not familiar with certain disciplines. 

Specifics— I've made a dropdown list of items that the project manager may or may not need on a specific project. If they choose, for instance, "Earthwork," I would like that word to autoload text (the specific terms and conditions common to an Earthwork subcontract), on a separate worksheet, to a specific cell. I want this worksheet to compile all the contract terms that relate to Earthwork, such as Storm Sewer work, and organize them where it can be moved into Word, and uploaded into Procore, our project management software. 


I hoping the community can help...mj

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First save all terms and condition to a sheet against keyword will be selected from dropdown. Then use VLOOKUP() or INDEX/MATCH function to your desired sheet to show terms & condition based on selection of dropdown. We need more details to suggest you specific formula.

You saved me, my friend. I was way overcomplicating things. Index/match was the way to go. I appreciate you taking the time to sort it out for me. Have a good Monday.  @Harun24HR 

Glad to know. You can tick mark the answer.