Identify a Product and count How many units need to be made

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I have been given a task at work.

I have a 3 column table of sales orders products and quantities to produce.


I need a identify the products from there unique value which may appear multiple times in the column.


A product can be identified from its 3 and forth character eg

xx23xxx indicates it’s a 23 inch box.

there is xx93xx which is a 93 inch box etc 


I need identity all the times 23 inches box appears and count the quantity that need to be produced.


What formula do I need.. match and count? 

Help is require. I will give a screen dump tomorrow if need be. Thanks 



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How about

= LET(
      size,     CONCATENATE("*",MID(products,3,2),"*"),
      distinct, UNIQUE(size),
      SUMIFS(quantities, products, distinct)