Icon sets in Conditional Formatting working uncorrectly



In column G and K I set rules as the image below


But the expect result is failed


I have added the  link of samplefile below

Hope for your help

Thank you 

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@small_village You say that the result is wrong, but you don't say what it should look like. The rules you used will put a red triangle with every number greater than or equal to zero and a green one with any value less then zero. If that's not what you want you have set the rules incorrectly.


you are right,  I have set the rules incorrectly. 
I have set again a new rule:

Put a green triangle with every number greater than 0

Yellow icon with value equal to zero and a Read one with any value less then zero. 

the result in column G, the two yellow rows shows green triangle, it must be yellow icon as expect



I setup type values in column G as image below



I have added the link of the samplefile below
Please have a look
Thank you 

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@small_village cHANGE TO RULE TO THIS:

Screenshot 2022-08-04 092416.png


Thank you for your help

It works correctly