I want to house multiple Workbooks in one Workbook. Is this possible?

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I want to create GUI interface like the one described in this link.


That GUI will have a selector in which person can select an individual workbook. I can use links to file on sharepoint but I rather house them in the one workbook that the GUI is housed in. 

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You can store multiple worksheets in a single workbook. It is very well possible to let the user select a worksheet from a combo box or list box on a userform.


Storing multiple workbooks in a single workbook makes no sense.

@Hans Vogelaar Each workbook has alot of tabs for project management. Thats why it would make sense. Like a Workbook Manager of sorts. 

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You'd either have to link to the separate workbooks, or move all the sheets from all the workbooks into the workbook with the userform. Excel does not have the concept of a "workbook of workbooks".

@Hans Vogelaar Thanks you saved me a lot time on deciding my direction