I want to disable save and save as options using VBA plus hide the sheet during close

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Hi all, 

I know this is an old thread, but I am facing problem enabling macros to all the users in my organization. so i want to hide the sheet initially and after enabling the macros i want the sheet to be visible and save, save as options should be disabled. while closing, I want the sheet to be again hidden so that next time opens it will ask the user to enable it ... 



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See the attached example workbook.


The VBA code has been protected with password 123. You should change this to a safer one: in the Visual Basic Editor, select Tools > VBAProject Properties... > Protection tab.


If you want to make changes to the workbook and save it, activate the Immediate window in the Visual Basic Editor (Ctrl+G), type the following line and press Enter:


Application.EnableEvents = False


Don't forget to hide the sheet named Hidden before saving the workbook.

Don't forget to enable events again afterwards:


Application.EnableEvents = True


Warning: this is not watertight. Knowledgeable users will be able to bypass the protections.

Thanks. It works like a charm satisfy my needs.