I want to create rule when user enters number it displays text

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I have created a drop down list of texts in column (the list is from range of cells in another sheet in same workbook). 

How to set a rule that allows user to enter integer number to display specific text. Meaning that when user write '1' the first text appears, when user write '2' the second text appears.. and so on

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It sounds like you need a table (could also be on that other sheet in the same workbook) where your first column (A) is numbers from 1 through XX and the second column (B) contains the text you want to have appear. Then use =VLOOKUP([cell w number}),Sheet2!A1:Bxx,2,0)

But how are they to know what number to enter? Asked another way, could you describe the full scenario here; there is no doubt a way to accomplish this, but it's not clear to me, at any rate, what exactly you're trying to accomplish with the steps you've articulated. What's the "bigger picture"?