I want feedack percentage if pending than 0% if accepted than 100% if 1 pending 1 accept than 50%

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Advisor NameAcceptPendingGrand TotalPercentage
A 11?
B 11?
C1 1?
d1 1?
e1 1?
f 11?
g 11?
h1 1?
i 11?
j2 2?
k 22?
l1 1?
m 11?
Grand Total7815average

secondly this data is in pivot form than how to get this percentage value using pivot options only. instead of using formula

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The first calculation you describe would appear to be 

= Pending / (Accept+Pending)

The conversion to pivot table normalised form is a major task by comparison,  Using 365 beta

= LET(
      a, HSTACK(Advisor, Accept,  IF(Accept,acceptHdr)),
      p, HSTACK(Advisor, Pending, IF(Pending,pendingHdr)),
      combined, VSTACK(FILTER(a,Accept>0),FILTER(p,Pending)),