I think I need help with formatting?

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I have used excel for the past 7 years for my budgeting purposes and I have been typing manual deposit and savings and extra funds by hand like this =N## or =B## 


And while that works fine, is there a way if I type Deposit the cell next to it would autofill with the amount from, say, N##? or B##? 


I thought this would be some sort of formatting or conditioning but I am just spacing how to do it. Th

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Would you be able to send a sample of the file?
Oh, yes, of course... um... I am not sure how except through a link to the Google Sheets... https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zBoQn9X7wYhuqfV3iaxteilbU6_OcZ_HvNgMPeIjkXs/edit?usp=sharing
I requested access through the link, waiting for the release