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OS : Windows 8

Microsoft office Excel 2007


Please I am Trying to locate a function or procedure that lets me pick an item from a drop down list in a cell (say C1) and automatically drops a value on another cell (say D1) based on the value chosen on Cell C1.


OS : Windows 8

Microsoft office Excel 2007

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Create a list with two columns.

The first column should contain the values to be displayed in the dropdown list.

The second column should contain the values to be returned in the cell to the right of the cell with the dropdown list.

Let's say this list is in K2:L10.


Select cell C1.

On the Data tab of the ribbon, click Data Validation.

Select List from the Allow dropdown, then enter $K$2:$L$10 in the Source box (you can also point to the list with the mouse).

Click OK.

Next, select cell D1 and enter the following formula:




If required, this can be filled down to the cells below.

Thanks @Hans Vogelaar for the assist. I have executed the step by step process as advised but still did not get the right result return. Only the formulas are returned in the drop down. I have attached screenshots for more clarity. 


My apologies, the Source should be




So with an = ate the beginning, and column K only.

Thanks  @Hans Vogelaar but I already tried that earlier but it returned an error. Please See attached.

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As I wrote, =$K$2:$K$10, not =$K$2:$L$10

Smiles, thanks @Hans Vogelaar it worked.


Sorry for the earlier confusion that I caused.