I need to count repeated values

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Hello Everyone,

Kindly help me to solve this . Consider these are the values present in table (in excel)

Names                             |  PIA                                             Names                        PIA                 

----------------------------------                                          ----------------------------------

workday                             562                                             workday                             2

DocuSign                           345                                              DocuSign                          2

                                                                                              OneTrust                           2                          

OneTrust                            556-------------------------------->

Microsoft                           345 

Workday                            444

DocuSign Application        345

OneTrust Emergency          456


Consider this is an excel sheet. I want to to find the count of repetitive values present in sheet. Here

I want Work day as 2 there are repeatative. For DocuSign count is 2 because DocuSign is present in word DocuSign Application , so its count is 2. Similarly for onetrust also there is 2 . 


Kindly help me to get this type of output




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The formula in E2 is


This can be filled down.