I need to build a formula or sheet that can find data on one sheet and match it to another.

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Good Morning, 


I am in desperate need of a time saver. I am the finance manager for a company that manages another. My Corporate office has one set of GL number the Client has another. When I run a report from Quickbooks and export it into quickbooks I need a way to find the specific GL numbers and add a column with the Clients GL numbers before sending the report to them. The problem is of course the report from Quickbooks is never the same so there is no way to say grab from a specific cell. I have attached two sheets the corporate to client journal just a small sample and the copy of crosswalk. (or rather I have tried to upload it and it just flashes at me... )




I need to find the number in G on the corporate to client journal and add the number in C on the Crosswalk to a column before or after G. And the number from A on the crosswalk needs to be the same as the number on G on the Corporate to client Journal. 


I am using Microsoft office 365 and Dell tower Windows 10.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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