I need to be able to minus from one row until it goes down to 0 then move to the next row

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Im using 2016 windows excel, I quickly sketched up a mockup so it is easier to visualise the problem.


My issue is I have no idea how to go about this. I need to minus the cash flow down into the accounts to withdraw from until each account hits 0. Once an account hits 0 I need to move onto the next row and take the remainder of the amount out of the next row.

Anything will help, Thanks

Screenshot 2021-08-15 at 10.35.07.png 


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@Joshscott Why not upload you mock-up and indicate the desired result for the firs few months by just typing the correct amounts in the cells. Then it's easier to visualize what you want and com-up with a formula or other solution. Right now, you show a bunch of account balance that do not seem to relate to the cash flow amounts.


Here is a mockup and how it should be is below. I hope this helps to understand what I am trying to do. 


Basically add the cash flow into the account if it has any balance in it, if not then move onto the account below. I would want the balance when moved to the cell below to have not lost its value to be taken out from the other account. 

Screenshot 2021-08-15 at 21.08.40.png

I've set a bit of a layout of what I was hoping to happen, if that is even possible.

Ideally for each column it checks if there is a balance in it, if not it moves downwards and checks the other accounts.


Many thanks for any help

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@Joshscott See attached in the green shaded area. I believe this works as desired.

Thank you so much man, honestly helped me so much
I was really not sure if it can be done, cheers