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I'm new at this. I've tried to search for an answer through the existing posts, but I couldn't. Here is my issue. There must be a very simple way to do this, but I couldn't succeed by myself. 

I am building a calculation sheet for pipe welding. The user must put in some parameters in order for the sheet to calculate. The problem is, with pipes, most techs work with the nominal diameter and the schedule, but for the calculation, I need it to be converted to actual diameter and thickness. I have a chart that lists the nominal diameter and gives the thickness related to the schedule while also giving the actual diameter.  I would like to be able to have the user select the nominal diameter in a dropdown list, then the schedule in another dropdown list, and have a function that takes these 2 pieces of information to select the real diameter and the thickness in the chart to use them in the calculations. an example of the chart can be found here: https://www.rolledalloys.ca/tools/pipe-chart/

Does somebody have an idea of how to do this without using any macros?


Thanks in advance

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What do you want to calculate?
Is it the length an thickness of the welding, calculating material cost and time for the welding?

I work in hydraulics. It's to confirm that the pipe and the weld dimensions are ok according to the system pressure. But it does not really matter with the issue. I have all the formulas needed to calculate the wanted results from the ASME norms and reference textbooks. I just want to find a way to convert the input parameters in usable data as explained.@LarsDK2860