I need help with my income excel sheets.

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Hi I can not do taxes until I learn excel because I can not tell what my income even is. Is there a template for crypto and stock formulas?
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How do you keep track on paper? I'm making an assumption: that you do keep some kind of records on investments in stocks or crypto. If you don't, then learning Excel is the least of your worries.


What brokerage(s) do you use? Do they send you monthly reports? If so, it's a safe guess that they make the same data available as a downloadable Excel file. You could start with those files. I know I get data from Fidelity, for example, and track all my investments based on the data I download. Adding formulas is easy. Basic math (multiplying, adding, subtracting......) is easy in Excel.


But you need to start with data. So how are you keeping records now?