I need help with =IF formula

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I am looking for a formula which has multiple members for =IF. In this file, it's =IF (C4:P4<4; "NEPAŽANGUS" ; "PAŽANGUS"). The task is if there is any number below 4, the person is considered "NEPAŽANGUS", else "PAŽANGUS". The error says that the problem is in the C4:P4 section, I need help.Screenshot 2021-12-16 181311.png

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@NitanasGauseda Try this:


Doesn't work :(, thanks though. the problem is the brackets around c4:p4 excel says
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@NitanasGauseda Look again at my post. I posted an edit. Noticed that you had both a comma and a semi-colon as an argument separator). Assumed you needed semi-colons, but perhaps you should use comma's.

Thank you really much! It works!

@NitanasGauseda Most welcome!