I need help with a formula :(

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I have a sales funnel that I'm creating and I need a formula that will extrapolate and compound revenue over a 12 month period and I can't figure out how to do it. Here's an example: 

Daisy wins 1.5 new clients every month, each client stays for 9 mos. What formula can I use that will account for the 9 mos of revenue per client, plus each month add new client revenue? 

Your Target's Company Name Potential Client CandidatesYour monthly Referral GoalMonthly new  Clients  Monthly Revenue by Referrer Annual New Clients  Annual Rev by Referrer Mon 1Mon 2Mon 3Mon 4Mon 5Mon 6Mon 7Mon 8Mon 9Mon 10Mon 11Mon 12Total
rehab 13031.5 $     3,897.0018.00 $      280,584.00             $              -  
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Perhaps you could explain the relationship between your words and the data in that table you show.

It would actually be helpful if you attached a mockup spreadsheet--presumably what you used to create that table. That way we could test the answer with your data rather than asking us to replicate it.
ok! I will do that