I need each tab in excel to print its own set of page numbers when converted to PDF

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I have an excel spread sheet, with two tabs, each printing multiple pages.


I have setup the "Page &[Page] of &[Pages]" for each tab in the footer.


Each tab DOES generate its own group of page number, IN EXCEL.

EXAMPLE: Tab #1 has "Page 1 of 2" and "Page 2 of 2" | Tab #2 has "Page 1 of 2" and "Page 2 of 2"


However, when I covert the excel to PDF and combine both tabs to create my fourpage pdf, the pdf will display:

"Page 1 of 4" | "Page 2 of 4" | "Page 3 of 4" | "Page 4 of 4"


Is there a change I can make to the second tab so that when they are combined as a pdf it gives the second tab its own set of page numbers, just like it does in excel?

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