I need a (complicated?) formula

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Hi All,


I have been using Excel for a few years but am new to formulas (aside from the basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc.).  I have a worksheet which contains dollar amounts in one column and dates in another column.  The column that has the dates is completed only when the policy is issued so it has many empty rows.  I need a formula that will determine which rows in the date column (column E) contain a date and take the corresponding dollar amount from the premium column (column C) and add the totals for written business.  I have tried using several "IF" functions and "LOOKUP" functions but I am missing something because none of the formulas are pulling just the premiums that correlate to the dates in the written column.  Can anyone please tell me what I am doing wrong.  Thanks so much! 

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sounds like a job for SUMIF() or SUMIFS().

Thanks. I will keep trying!