I need 8 formulas for answer where color highlight need formulas need

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Excel link of cross post. Got no answer to my post yet 


I need help with eight formulas on two different worksheets.


Both pictures I post is answer should look like when formulas put in place. I need formulas where color highlight on both 49ers conference and 49ers division


both picture is answer where I type in manual the answer.



I have windows 10 with office 365 family


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Your pasted file cannot be opened, please use a smaller file name and paste it again.

As for the link, I'm not a member of other forums and don't necessarily have to become one to answer a question.

With your permission, if I may recommend, please include a description, step by step, of what you intend to do with the file.

In addition, it would be an advantage if the digital environment is known (Excel version, operating system, storage medium), since some factors in the digital environment could possibly play a major role in the proposed solution.


Thank you for your understanding and patience.



I know I don't know anything (Socrates)



I made zip with. excel all formulas on a notepad file all formulas that is on excel file. two pictures are the  answers  to 49ers conference and 49ers division after formulas  is fix. I add other team to file.