I'm new to the group, first issue is with Excel Notes.

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Normally when I hover over a cell or click on it, I can see the note associated with the cell.  I can then right click on the cell to get the menu then I select Edit Note and I go into the note and edit it.

However, I have a set of cells in a single column that when I hover over a cell or click on it, I can see the note associated with the cell, then I right click on it to get to then menu and select Edit Note the note goes away and I can’t edit it.

If I right click on cell to get to the menu and click on Show/Hide Note a couple of times I can then edit the note but then I must play with the Show/Hide Note again to hide the note, so it disappears when I move to another cell.  I then must repeat the process when I need to edit the note again.

Please help. This is frustrating and time consuming. And I can never get this set of cells in a single column to act like the others.

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I see you've had a fair number of views and no replies. While I can't speak for all the others, I know just for myself that I'm having a hard time picturing what you're describing.


For one thing, it sounds very much as if you have individual notes on LOTS of cells.  Documentation is a good thing, but doing it specifically in the form of notes on individual cells maybe can be overdone. Granted it should still work without complications even if overdone, but reading what you've written makes me wonder if you should be working to make the spreadsheet intelligible by other means.


Yes, I am speaking in the dark.....not knowing any more details of what you're doing, or why you have approached the task as you have. So would it be possible for you to give a bit more background on what you're doing and why there are so many notes to begin with? Let us know, too, what excel platform you're using.


Perhaps I or somebody else could explain what's happening so you can go on your merry way, OR I or somebody else could suggest a different way to approach the task.


And unless the spreadsheet is confidential or highly private, would it be possible to post a copy of it on OneDrive or GoogleDrive, with a link here that grants access to it?