I'm Looking for a .hlp file that showed the Visual Basic equivalent of the Excel Macro Language Comm

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I'm currently using Excel for Mac 2011 and desperately trying to convert VITAL Macros written many years ago in the Excel Macro language into Visual Basic. A typical line in the book shows that the Excel Macro Language Command ATTACH.TOOLBARS() has an equivalent in Visual Basic of Application.Dialogs(XLDialogATTACHToolbars).Show. When printed it is about 100 pages. I have one page which I could upload if it would help.

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I've asked Microsoft if they still have this file available somewhere. If only I knew the name of the file!

@Jan Karel Pieterse 

First thanks for replying.

I assumed from this:"

I found this post from 10 years ago, but the (promising!) link in that post no longer works https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/msoffice/forum/all/converting-excel-4-macros-to-vba/ac880fc5-11d..."

that the name of the document was converting excel 4 macros to vba.

I attach a page from it that might help searching by content.