I'm doing a Simnet project.

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Following directions with a table, I converted it to a range. This started at A5, which was below the headers. Then, use the Subtotal command to show a sum for the contract amounts for each city. 
However, when I do that, I get this message:  It says Microsoft Excel found a row of data immediately above your table or database. If the row contains column labels, you should include it in your selection so that the Filter command will work properly.  Do you want to include this row in your selection?


I'm not sure what to do because Simnet is so sensitive.  It did not ask me to start at A4, which is the header rows.



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@shbrin You should include the header row. Excel assumes that the first row in your data set contains headers. If you select "No", then your first row of data will be used as column headers and excluded from the sub-totals. So, click "Yes". Next time, let Excel do the work for you. Just select one cell anywhere inside your data range and then choose "Subtotal". Excel will recognise the top row as headers.


And don't worry. If you don't like the end result, press Ctrl-Z to undo your action.