I have an interesting challenge

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I'm working on this spreadsheet and in order to get it to do what I want I need to count the number of times a cell has changed. Problem is I have 54 Assets and 298 total variables. its outlined by a table that has Tires - Rims - Truck # - Truck Asset Tag - Trailer # - Trailer Asset tag - Yard - Yard Asset Tag. Each asset tag is assigned to a particular spot on the truck/trailer, I need it to be able to associate the tire position with the assigned asset tag, then count the changes that occur in the "Tires" section associated with that asset tag and then be able to make a "heat map" I have a picture of a truck and trailer and i want it to assign numbers to the side of the pictures for each location as to which tires get changed the most on what side and such.


Any help would be appreciated with this. I've tried VBA coding but i can't figure out how to do it for 298 variables and then output to different areas. I can provide the sheet if needed, I don't know how I can show ya'll any other way though.



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