I have a macOS Catalina 10.15.7. How do I download an older version of Excel?

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My computer is older and will not support the newest software upgrade to 11. How do I download an older version of Excel?

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My computer is older and will not support the newest software upgrade to 11.



Hmmm... as a Mac user myself, I can empathize (except that I have newer Macs, newer operating systems)... 


My guess is that you can't download an older version of Excel. I don't know that as an absolute fact, but would certainly be surprised to learn that Microsoft is still offering older versions for download.


May I ask what you're expecting to do with Excel, if and when you find a copy you can load on your system?


I ask because you probably do have Apple's own Numbers spreadsheet on your system (though it too gets updated periodically). Numbers doesn't have all of the capabilities of the newest editions of Excel, but readily handles most routine spreadsheet capabilities (and has the ability to open XLS and similar files.



I also learned recently (from a son who's on a more limited budget) of LibreOffice, a free system that is in the category of open source software, user supported (as in coded and maintained) software. It includes a robust spreadsheet and is available in a version compatible for your operating system.



And finally there's Google Sheets, which you also no doubt have access to. And Google Sheets handles Excel sheets and most of the more common (and quite a few of the less common) Excel functions. And can open and edit sheets created in Excel.


Thank you for the info!

I am trying to do Christmas card labels-first edit addresses and then print.



And were you going to be using MailMerge for that? [I'll be doing the same fairly soon!] I would never use Excel by itself for label creation, but as a source of data for MailMerge in Word, it's excellent.


Haven't tried it with the Google documents, but would be kind of surprised if it's not possible there.

You need Office 2016 (like me).
eg from https://turnkeypoint.com/product/office-2016-home-business-mac/?aelia_cs_currency=GBP&gclid=EAIaIQob...
You can buy a product key from there and go DIRECT to microsoft to download the software



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