I found problem with an excel file crash in some files

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The basic information is as follows
1. Window 10 64 bit install at notebook ( HP ProBook 440 g7)
2. notebook ram 16 / ssd 250
3. MS OFFICE 2016 32bit STD


Document file information
1. only text data
2. have 1 worksheet and 3662 column , 111 row
3. There is a delay and hang when editing this file.


I would like to know what causes this problem and how to prevent or fix it

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If Excel keeps crashing on your PC while opening a workbook, saving Excel files, scrolling or editing cells, etc., it indicates a problem with your Excel program or the Excel file.

Microsoft Excel may crash due to any one or more reasons given below,

  1. Incompatible Add-Ins
  2. Outdated MS Excel program
  3. Conflict with other programs or antivirus tool
  4. Excel file created by third party software
  5. Problem with network connection
  6. Combination of Cell formatting and stylings
  7. Problem with MS Office installation
  8. Partially damaged or corrupt Excel file

For solution, check all the listed reasons and try to access and edit or view an Excel file from a network drive, try moving the file to the local drive. This will help you to find if there is something wrong with the file or the network.
Let me know if this will help.