I don't have xlookup in my excel

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Hi Everyone,

I have been using Office 365 and also joined in insider. But unfortunately cant find XLOOKUP function inside

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Could you please share your version of Excel from File->About, it looks like


Version 2103 (Build 13901.20400 Click-to-Run)
Current Channel (Preview)


Thank you. Looks strange. Could you please open attached file and check what it shows in formula bar. Inside is nothing but





Sorry, I'm in lack of ideas of what it could be. Perhaps couple of abstract

- you are on Windows 7 (Office is not supported on it and has some limitations)

- that's very fresh installation (sometimes it takes time to switch this or that functionality ON for the subscription model)


If no one of above I'll try to ask someone else if they know. Just in case, which locale do you use?

Thank you, I use English and I have Windows 10


Thank you, I asked, will share if any news. In any case I'd recommend to Send a Frown from Help->Feedback.

Ok, thank you so much

@Sergei Baklan 

The version of my excel is 2016 ( office 2016)


XLOOKUP() and lot of other new functions are not supported in 2016