I did not test enough with VLOOKUP

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I have made this excel to manage org's sponsors for events. Clearly I have wiped the actual data for placeholder but it's the same number of rows etc etc. I am a novice, I can follow a tutorial, and I have a basic understanding of some common functions. 


I think savvy folks can look at this and understand what it's doing and I need your help most but:

The Sponsor name in the Contacts sheet is the key and and most set things are in the utility tab.

In the first sheet, you select the contact, and you state whether they are a yes, no, or considering. If you say Yes, this populates info via VLOOKUP to multiple sheets. Benefits, Summary, Strategy.

As you see though actually, I have failed at this and it is pulling all the info or strange iterations of it.


My team wanted everything to be in tables and they want to regularly use the filters on various columns. Thus I thought the placeholder r4 would be my savior on the first sheet...alas no.


I have found now how broken my formulas are when the responses aren't all a bunch of yes's in a row which is how my testing started BUT I could have sworn I had nos mixed in their. I went on vacation and came back and started entering real data in and it fell to pieces. I just am confused. I clearly dont fully understand what VLOOKUP is doing as a function.


You can see the issues mainly on the Benefits, Summary, and Strategy sheets. 


Can this be salvaged, or did I go about it all wrong? I am not seeing a place to attach the file as I write this but I assume I will be able to...


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