I can't paste a picture as background on excel spresdsheet

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I used to be able to paste background on a selected sheet by:

Clicking "Page layout, then "Background".

Then in the dialogue box I click "From a File", it will be directed to my picture folder. 

But today, when I click "From a file", nothing happened.

What can I do?

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Same Here. Hoping to find resolution. I tried rebooting, opened a "new" worksheet, on a Single Tab and did not work. I've used this feature quite a bit and it does not work.

This looks like a known issue. I've checked this feature on 3 separate devices and have encountered the same issue.

A workaround until fixed: Use the Bing search option to search for something. It will fail and and you'll be asked if you'd like to work offline. Click 'Work Offline' and then the browse window pops open so you can pick a picture from your device.

@Crispin_Cheng Came to your post today because this also seems to be affecting the inserting of images into the header or footer. That pop up seems to be completely broken, the feedback smilies are also broken.

Thank you. It works
Thank you. It works
I have the same problem.....