I can't get an IF formula with multiple conditions in column C provide 3 categories (one blank)

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Hi, I'm trying to create 2 categories via a formula in column C (technically 3 with one being blank) "Labor", "Non-labor" and blank if neither based on the account. Essentially I think it's an IF/AND combo where if the account (column A) is between 509510-520350 = "Labor" and if it's between 500000-509420 or 530000-600000 it's non labor. Also if Column B says "Revenue" it should be blank (all accounts less than 500000). Is there an easy way to accomplish all of this w/ one formula?


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In C2:

=IF(B2="Revenue", "", IF(AND(A2>="509510", A2<="520350"), "Labor", Non-labor"))

Fill down.

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