I am trying to search and sum values

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I am tying to make a search and sum some datebase.


for example:

fekaufland5 Namirnice 
wolt6 kaufland 
kaufland4 lidl  
konzum8 konzum 


I need to seach for all words in column D in column A and when words are found sum there values and put it in E1. 

I tryed with one word and its working. This is formula I used:  =SUM(IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("kaufland";A2:A5));B2:B5;""))


But when I try to search for more words its not working.

This is formula I am trying:   =SUM(IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH(D2:D5;A2:A5));B2:B5;""))


Can someone help?

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@Carpusina The SEARCH part in your second formula returns an array of numbers or #VALUE errors. The IF function gets rid of the errors leaving a number when the words are matched in the same row. In your example only row5 has matching words "konzum" in both column A and D. The array that will be returned has three blanks and the number 8. SUM then returns 8.


You probably want to make use of a dynamic array function that will spill the result all at once.


Try this one in E2 and see if that does what you want:




Hi, thank you for response. Your formula search and sum values but put answer in each row of searched word. I would like to put sum of those words that are found in one cell.
For example that I gave, I would like to put it in E1 and that results would need to be 17.
I hope I explained good.


I tried to add sum before and worked great. 

Thank you very much.

@Carpusina Then that could be:





Or, using your original formula:




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I have one more question if you maybe know. Can I somehow add condition that wont look at blank cells in column D?



@Carpusina The easiest would be to make sure you don't have blanks in column D. Why would you include blanks in a list to keywords to search for?


While writing this, I notice that @Hans Vogelaar came up with a solution that excludes blanks.