I am OCD and excel Radar Charts are doing my head in

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As you can see, 1 and 31 are slightly further away from the chart than the rest of the numbers 1 through to 60.

Does any one know a fix?

[I can work around using a filled text box and the same font, but this is not ideal]




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can you upload the excel file?

@Gourab Dasgupta It's easy to create. Numbers 1 to 60 and some randbetween next to them. Then plot. You can see the issue immediately, even in the chart preview.

@Gourab Dasgupta here it is, it seems to do it for every Radar Chart. 

These scores were randomly generated.

sorry to keep you wait but i think there is no way out. the changes i have noticed when only when rotate the label.

yes it is, but i was resolving more than one issues at that time. thank you for your suggestion.
I thought so. Alright, time to make a quick complaint to Microsoft and say they got issues.

@Shozab Using a paid 3rd party add in cannot be the best solution for fixing an Excel but.