I am new to formulas and functions in Excel. anyone's help would be greatly appreciated.

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I have a Excel file with 5 sheets.  The first sheet is filled out on a daily basis on children that pay their monthly Tuition.  The next 3 sheets tract that information by class.  The 5th sheet is where i am needing help.  it takes the data in Tuition and makes a receipt that will be printed for the parent.  

The Index and Match works great in sheets 2-4 but I need sheet 5 to know when it has completed one student receipt and move to the next in matching Month and Date from the first sheet.  

i hope i explained this but if you should have any questions about my problem, please let me know.  

Tuition Sheet.jpgReceipt .png

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Could you upload that spreadsheet (anonymized)?

@Jan Karel Pieterse Thanks in advance for your help.....

sheet 5 to know when it has completed one

Sheet fifth Receipt is a print report for out put?

How about mail merge?

first of all need to prepare a list for mail merge?