Hyperlinks with a filter going from Excel to Power BI report

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Hi, I'm new to this community


I'm using Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise with Excel version 2008


I have build a hyperlink from Excel to a Power BI report (PBI), which works.
=HYPERLINKS("PBI_URL&noSignUpCheck=1";"Test 1")


The problem starts when I'm trying to add a paramter (filter functionality)
=HYPERLINKS("PBI_URL?filter=TableName/FieldName eq 'OrganizationalNumber'&noSignUpCheck=1";"Test 2")


The URL takes me to Power BI, but it does not trigger the filter . If I copy the same link into the browser it works fine. It seems that the HYPERLINK formula in Excel does not exept filter funsctionality.


How can I build the hyperlink in Excel so that it takes me to a filtered Power Bi report?

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My knowledge of Power BI is very limited.

But that doesn't stop me from sending you these links from Microsoft where you might find a way to go.

Data refresh in Power BI

Common issues and resolutions for Power Apps

Tips and tricks for creating reports in Power BI Desktop


Thank you for your understanding and patience




I know I don't know anything (Socrates)

Thank you for your respons, but I do not think the problem is in Power BI. The problem is how to add the hyperlink with a functional filter in Excel. It seems like Excel is not able use the URL with a filter. Do I have to write a VBA code for it to work and do you have an example code I can use?
Hi and thank you for your help, but I'm not able to get it to work.

The hyperlink with the filter works from Edge and WordPad, but not from Excel or Word. I want to click a hyperlink and open a filtered Power BI report.

Why du I need this, I have several users useing Excel and not looking into details which they find in Power BI. Therefore am I trying to build the hyperlink so that they can go from a cell (hyperlink) in Excel and find the details in Power BI.

The filtered link works when I'm copying it into the browser manually or triggering it from WordPad, but not from Excel or Word, why??


Here are a few additional links with instructions.

Add hyperlinks (URLs) to a table or matrix

Filter the data you import into Power Pivot


Hope these will help you.