hyperlinks not working in excel workbook shared from OneDrive location

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OneDrive share link was sent to me with 'Edit' rights to an Excel workbook.


The links in the workbook point to files in the same Sharepoint/OneDrive directory that the workbook resides in.  When clicking the embedded links, nothing happens - no error, no action, nothing.  If I right-click and choose 'Open Hyperlink' I get a runtime error that identifies "Server Error in '/' Application"


I'm told other people can use these hyperlinks without issue and I can't figure out the problem.  I've tried several Windows platforms 10 & 11, and have tried different Office installs from 2016, 2019 and O365 - same results with all of them....

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Open file links directly in Office desktop apps

This way if you prefer to work in the Microsoft 365 desktop apps most of the time, you can get to work in fewer clicks by turning on the feature you find in the upper link.


Description of link management and storage in Excel

There are several circumstances in which links between files can be inadvertently made to point to erroneous locations. The upper link gives some common scenarios.


Add. Info:

About the shared workbook feature


Hope I was able to help you with this links.



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