Hyperlinks not updating after inserting rows

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Hi there

I have a problem whereby when I insert rows into my Excel workbook my hyperlinks (all pointing within the same workbook but to different cells on different tabs).

I have found a way around this by using "Defined Names". However I have hundreds of hyperlinks so this will be extremely time consuming method to resolve.

Is there a more efficient way of having the hyperlinks?

Thanks in advance!

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Here is a link that explains the difference between relative and absolute path in the hyperlink.

Description of link management and storage in Excel


Thanks for your time and patience.


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Thanks for the reply but unfortunately I dont think that will help in my scenario when using hyperlinks within the same workbook. When I insert rows the cell position of some of the hyperlinks change and then when clicked on go to the wrong position. Is there a way to resolve that problem?





CELL converts the referenced cell into a text, HYPERLINK evaluates this and jumps to it. And since are using a real cell reference, it changes with every change.


An example file is included.


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Hope this helps you to get further in Excel.


I wish you much success with Excel.



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