Hyperlinking multiple filtered cells

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 I filter out a column to show only cells that have a certain value, and then I wish to add a simple hyperlink (right click, link) to a separate PDF document.


When I do this, all of the filtered out, non visible cells in between the the cells that I wish to add links to also get linked.  They do NOT get  text added to them or modified, but they absolutely get a link added.


How can I avoid this?

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Don't worry I have the same problem, I wish I had someone to help me.


One possible solution is to create a new column with the hyperlink and then use the FILTER function to only display the filtered cells in that column. Here are the steps you can follow:

  1. Insert a new column next to the column you want to filter and add hyperlinks to.
  2. In the first cell of the new column, enter the hyperlink formula using the IF function to only apply the hyperlink to the filtered cells. For example: =IF(A2="value",HYPERLINK("path/to/file.pdf","link text"),"") Replace "value" with the value you are filtering for, "path/to/file.pdf" with the path to your PDF document, and "link text" with the text you want to display for the hyperlink.
  3. Copy the formula down the entire column.
  4. Filter the original column as desired.
  5. Use the FILTER function to only display the hyperlinked cells in the new column. For example:


This should allow you to add hyperlinks only to the cells that are visible after filtering, without affecting the hidden cells.

I have the same issue and thank you so much, so mine is a bit different, so where you wanted your hyperlink to a PDF document, I wanted mine to go to a defeated sheet in the same excel document.


Here is an example of an external reference formula in Excel:




Replace [Path] with the path to the workbook that contains the cell you want to reference. Replace FileName with the name of the workbook and Cell with the cell address. Replace DisplayText with the text you want to appear in the hyperlink.


I hope that helps!