Hyperlink referenced from another Sheet not working

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Hi all,

In "Sheet1"I am trying to reference a Hyperlink from another sheet "MasterSheet". But i am getting "Cannot Open Specified File" error. 

If i just type the URL in the cell in "MasterSheet" and reference it in sheet 1 it works fine. Unfortunately this isn't good enough, i want to use a Hyperlink so i can have the file name that the URL is pointing to viable in "Sheet1" for example "Document A" . 

From reading other treads i tried using the Hyperlink function but this didn't fix the problem either.



To make this more complicated i am using a lookup table to determine which cell to reference, but that's another days problem. I have the lookuptable part working so hopefully if i can get the hyperlink part working by itself i can throw it into the lookup formula without much fuss.


Can someone please help. My heads fit to explode with this. 


Thanks in Advance


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You can try to do the hyperlink from sheet to sheet using another workbook just to be sure that its either working or not working on your system
Thanks for the response.
The hyperlink works fine by itself, as in If i click on it in sheet 2 it opens up without any issue. But when I reference it in sheet one it gives the error.

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Hi @niallfagan 


The solution to your query work like this 




Note : It is very important to type the "#" pound sign before the sheet name insidequotes. It indicates that the location within the current workbook. Link will give you error if you forget to enter it.


Regards, Faraz Shaikh | MCT, MIE, MOS Master, Excel Expert

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Thanks @Faraz Shaikh for the reply. 

I think it have it now. 

Thanks for your feeback