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I have set up and been using spreadsheets to log all of vinyl and CD albums along with a hyperlinked spreadsheet with track listing on....I have had a new hard drive fitted this week and now cannot use the spreadsheets I'd set up previously. Now get the following message "Your Organisation's Policies are Preventing Us From Completing This Action For You. For More Info Contact Your Help Desk" 

BUT I am a private individual? How can I correct this, so I can use Excel again?



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That is due to internet options on your local computer. First I found how to fix is Fix Hyperlinks in Outlook are prefixed with BLOCKED Issue (datarepairtools.com) , post is about an issue in Outlook but that doesn't matter. You may google more, it shall be a lot of similar posts, an issue is quite old.

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Thank you for the suggestions.....I've had to buy Microsoft Office 2019, so now up and running