Hyperlink function pervasive in a formula

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I used MS forms to record Purchasing Requests in an Excel sheet. If the user has done research (where to buy an item) they may enter a URL (in the case of a web buy) or a supplier name. I then use a formula to determine which option they summitted and track and summarize open orders for purchasing.
My problem is.. even if it is not a web purchase, Excel always includes a hyperlink and will open a browser every time the formula cell is clicked (annoying and time wasting).

Example of current formula:

=IF(ISERROR(SEARCH("htt",[@[Web Link or Supplier name]])), CONCAT([@[Description]],"{",[@[Web Link or Supplier name]],"}"),HYPERLINK([@[Web Link or Supplier name]],[@[Description]]))


Without including script (my IT requires no XLSM file extensions), How do I tell Excel to only include a hyperlink when appropriate? 

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