Hyperlink changes excel online

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When i make a hyperlink to another site, excel online changes and put in amp; in the middle

the link goes to the site but wrong page.


Microsoft did check in the computer and said its something wrong in Excel online..

It have worked perfect for 5 years but YESTERDAY 21/10-21 this show up..


See red line what excel makes the link is saved..

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We have the exact same problem - if the spreadsheet is opened in desktop excel, it is fine.

If opened in online excel 'amp:' is added several times in each hyperlink.

Edit the hyperlink in online Excel and the 'amp:' is automatically added back




Not Working

Seems clear it's an online Excel bug as the links have been working fine for 18 months here.
Couple of workarounds:-

1) Copy the hyperlink cell to a online Word document - it will open OK there with a CTRL-Click
2) Upload the spreadsheet to Google Sheet and the hyerperlinks open OK
As of today, hyperlinks have started working again without us changing anything!