Hyperlink cells based on File name & Verify if the link works

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Hello All, I have a spreadsheet with list of file names in Column A. I have stored all the associated files (filename being the contents of Column A) in a folder on One Drive.


I intend to link the files with cells in Column A. The sheet has > 500 rows so doing it manually is going to be very cumbersome. I have tried two approaches in Column B & Column C based on my search in this sub. But both cases open the folder and not the specific file.

Column B - =HYPERLINK("https://",A2)

Column C - =HYPERLINK("https://" & A2 & ".docx" & A2)

Unfortunately both only open the linked folder but not the



I also intend to know if the exact match is available in the folder location on not.

PS: I am not very familiar with VBA. So any help without or minimal use of VBA would be greatly appreciated. Thank you !

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