Hyper links in excel broken with office 365 update

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Ok.. I maintain a database with links to quote files, correspondence, data sheets, and part numbers in a master file using excel. The file currently has over 5000 hyperlinks.  This morning my computer told me that office 365 had updates and being a slow monday I chose to allow the update, followed by restarting the computer. So now EVERY link has an additional portion added pointing to temporary files and NO links work. I can edit each link, I can remove the same items from each link.. but doing this one at a time for over 5000 has created a lot of work... thanks for the update Microsoft! .. so .. there must be an easy way to unscrew this up.

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If this is a problem which you could fix with search and replace, try my free Flexfind add-in. Check the "Objects" box to have it search hyperlinks. https://jkp-ads.com/officemarketplaceff-en.asp

@Jan Karel Pieterse   Thanks however, I restored an older version of the file from back up.. then had to re enter the 3 new items.  Still... This should not have happened from an update.