How would you make an input table?

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Hello! I am working on a problem where I need to put a line of data from an input table to put at the end of another table, with supposed infinite length, and would then delete the table input from before. Would I need to use a button or something in the developer tab? The data table I am using is quite bulky and I would like to streamline it so I don't have to scroll all the way down. I am still learning Excel and this problem stumped me. Here are a few stages for what I am looking for:


Appreciate It! Thanks!




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Create a macro like the following. Replace TABLE and INPUT with the actual names of your tables.

Sub MoveRow()
    Dim tbl1 As ListObject
    Dim tbl2 As ListObject
    Set tbl1 = ActiveSheet.ListObjects("TABLE")
    Set tbl2 = ActiveSheet.ListObjects("INPUT")
    tbl2.ListRows(1).Range.Cut Destination:=tbl1.ListRows.Add.Range
    Application.CutCopyMode = False
End Sub

You can create a command button on the sheet and assign the MoveRow macro to it, or assign a custom keyboard shortcut (or both)

I tried that out and I got it working, but I need the data to go just below my previous data, not all the way at the bottom, apologies, as I am not sure about the notation, as I am still learning


Do you mean that your table has lots of empty rows?

I just realized what you did! That is so intuitive! I figured it out! Thank you so much!